Are there difficulties in your life?

Places where you feel stuck? Are you peaceful at home? At work?

Space healing


Many of us realize the need for inner spiritual work in areas of our lives and commit to and learn various spiritual practices to move toward greater light and inner freedom and peace.

Space Healing and Land Clearing deal with the outer areas of our lives – the physical spaces where we work and live. The land and buildings we spend our time in carry the energy of all those who have gone before and those who are with us now. They carry the energetic memories of events, emotions and traumas in their elemental resonance. They reverberate with the frequencies of modern technology and energy. Clearing spaces is essential in facilitating spiritual growth and bringing peacefulness and harmony into the work and home environment.

Are you moving into a new home?

Has it been built on land occupied before? Who was there? What happened in that place? You are paying thousands of dollars to live in this beautiful new space. You are full of expectations, hopes and dreams. Clearing the land and buildings of interferences frees you to realize your fullest potential in your new surroundings.

Cleared Space!

space healing

Uplifting energy…

When you stand under a beautiful clear waterfall, walk in a pristine woodland or along a crystal clear beach, you feel and sense the uplifting energy of the place you are in. When you struggle at work or work doggedly at home to resolve family issues and emotional crises, you sense that environment as well.

Hand in hand with the inner work you do, space healing and land clearing, sometimes known as Geomancy, play a part in your everyday life. Clearing the energy of the land and buildings you work and live in opens and lifts energetic levels, freeing you and others to live your lives in their fullest expression. Call or email me to find out more about how space healing can work for you.

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