Reiki KKanjiWhether it is your bad back or a bad dream or a bad day, Reiki will heal, refresh and renew

There is an outside to Reiki and an inside.The outside of Reiki is experienced by the person receiving a treatment. Reiki promotes deep relaxation and healing from within. It is purely energy and is given and received on a cellular level. The results are somewhat amazing and they vary widely by person and session. REI – KI which means Soul Energy is a higher form of energy than the energy environment we normally live in day to day (sort of an FM as compared to an AM frequency!),and is initially achieved by the practitioner through a series of attunements. The energetic attunement has been documented as physically raising the blood oxygenation levels of practitioners who receive it. The recipient of a Reiki session is also affected physically as well as mentally and spiritually by the reception of Reiki energy. Reiki healing is thus a mind, body, soul experience of higher energy resulting in only and always a positive benefit to the receiver.

This is the Outside of Reiki.

To give Reiki, one must become Reiki

The inside of Reiki is the practice of self-Reiki by the practitioner. It is connecting to the body of the whole practice of all those who have lived and are living it, and becoming part of it oneself. In the preface to his book “This is Reiki” by Frank Arjava Petter, he says “Reiki has changed my life and formed it anew.” Reiki is the process of depth and growth, of immersion and personal practice, in Reiki. It is the practitioner’s way of life and their way to bring Reiki to others.

This is the Inside of Reiki.

When you go for a Reiki session you are going for energy – for light and balance and release of toxins. Just as the practitioner must practice self Reiki on a consistent basis, Reiki treatment takes place over time. Energy must be applied until the issue is positively resolved. A one time session will bring results, but for long term deep healing,or to open spiritual paths, several or a series of sessions may be required.

This is Reiki. Namaste.

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