Reiki Level II - Kanji

Level II Reiki is a very special commitment

to deepening Reiki in your own life as well as intentionally beginning to bring Reiki to others. This is the time when a student begins to broaden their intention to create a space and place to bring Reiki into the world and community around them, as well as deepen and enrich their own personal experience of Reiki in their life journey. Mikao Usui developed symbols for his students to deepen their Rei-Ki through practice and meditation. Three of these are taught, along with their mantras and chants, and practiced and explored together in class. The concept and work of “distance” Reiki is taught and practiced. At the close of Reiki Level II, (Okuden) students experience Reiki in an empowered measure through their new connection with the energies discovered and explored. They are ready to begin to develop a Reiki Practice, should they wish to pursue that course in their lives, or to bring Reiki into their professional and personal lives in a deeper way  through the use and practice of  the first three original Reiki Symbols as taught in Eastern practice.

Reiki Level II Students receive a Reiki Level II Manual, a Reiki Level II Certificate, learn additional Reiki Meditations and are encouraged to attend a follow up session where they participate in a Reiki share and discuss their new experience of Reiki together.

Support for Reiki II students

Support for Reiki II students includes continuing Reiki meditation and shares, Crystal Reiki’s monthly newsletter and specially scheduled follow up workshops to deepen and support their practice. It is strongly recommended that all Reiki Level II students attend regular Reiki Shares and connect with the Celebration of Reiki, Inc., by attending the annual CoR conference and symposiums for continuing growth and connection with other practitioners.

As always, Deborah is available for personal connection and to share in your Reiki Level II Journey at any time at

What can I do to prepare for Reiki Level II

Review your Reiki I Manual. Bring it with you if from another teacher. Repeat the Precepts and practice self-Reiki each day for a week before class (if not already a part of your daily practice) with the intention to open your being to a widened experience of Reiki. Write out your intention for yourself in Reiki II and bring it with you.

Cost of Reiki Level II  –  Reiki Level II Registration

Reiki Level II is offered at a cost of $300.00 for classes of two or more, and $350.00 for individual sessions.

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