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Reiki Level I class involves becoming immersed in the history and learning the lineage of Usui Reiki. Students are taken on a journey through sacred space and time to honor the roots of their Reiki heritage. They receive a total of four Reiju, or attunements, during the full day class and learn Reiki meditations and techniques for connecting with and using Reiki energy. Basic hand positions for self-reiki and reiki for others are taught and practiced, the Reiki Precepts are learned and used and students are introduced to the concept of incorporating Reiki into the everyday of their lives. All students are encouraged to use Reiki to bring about personal healing and spiritual growth. Like oxygen masks on the airplane, Reiki Level I is about learning to become Reiki in your own life first. Developing a personal practice that imbues the practitioner with a deep connection to this beautiful energy allows for personal growth and healing and is a prerequisite to bringing this loving energy to others. All students receive a Reiki Level I Manual, a Reiki Level I Certificate, a special “Reiki Reminder” and a Personal Reiki Journal for Recording their Reiki Journey as they leave sacred space.

What Can I Do to Prepare?

Level I students are asked to prepare themselves for class by setting their intention for bringing Reiki into their lives. Please take a few minutes each day of the week preceding class to meditate or journal quietly and reflectively, creating the space to be open and receptive to this new energy in your life. Recommended reading for Reiki Level I (Shoden) is:

What Is An Attunement?

White LotusUnlike other holistic practices which are passed on through teaching and practice, Reiki is passed on through a process of connecting the student to the energy of Rei-Ki by a series of Reiju or blessings, known as attunements. Students are guided into a pre-Reiju state of meditation where they remain while the teacher performs the Reiju, or attunement, with each student one at a time, connecting them and opening them to Reiki energy. Reiki energy is available to everyone. Learning how to deepen that connection and use the flow of Rei-Ki are the main purposes of teaching and practice once attunement has taken place. While Mikao Usui did not have the benefit of receiving Reiki in stages and steps, the first thing he did when preparing to share this gift with others was to create levels of attunement to the Rei-Ki through the use of Reiju, allowing this beautiful energy to flow in measures optimal for learning and personal growth. We honor the tradition and wisdom of Usui by opening to Rei-Ki like a flower, over time, in our lives. Learning to love, live and use this energy becomes a lifetime path.



Is There Follow Up to Level I Class?

Yes. Students are invited back for a Reiki recap or a Reiki share to share their experiences, ask questions, explore possibilities they have uncovered, and review and practice self-Reiki and Reiki meditation together. This session lasts from 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of attendees.

What Other Support is Available to Me Once I Have Completed my Reiki Class?

Crystal Reiki offers workshops on Reiki Meditation and Japanese Reiki Techniques and provides Reiki shares to help Reiki people develop and deepen in their practice of Reiki. All students receive the Crystal Reiki Connection, a monthly newsletter with information, inspiration and spiritual resources and a monthly feature from Crystal Reiki’s Reiki Every Day Articles.

Deborah is personally available via email at for any ongoing support or questions in the everyday.

Cost for Reiki Level I (Shoden)

Reiki Level I cost is  $175.00 for a class of two or more, $225.00 for an individual session

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