Memory problems. Stress. Confusion. Bizarre Behavior.

Depression. Anxiety. Caregiver Burnout.

What if a gentle “laying on of hands” could give some real help to patients and caregivers alike?

“Research has shown that Reiki Healing can be effective in addressing a number of the challenges dementia patients and their caregivers face every day.” For more information, read this amazing Article from the APA.

Book cover - On Angels' Wings

Deborah Lynn Strafuss

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Dementia Practitioner, NCCDP

brought the gift of Reiki to her late-stage Alzheimer’s Mother from 2011 to 2015. She has chronicled their story in her soon to be published book, On Angels’ Wings, A Journey Through Alzheimer’s with my Mother. As a Reiki practitioner, Deborah continues to bring her compassionate, knowledgeable approach and personal experience to those with Alzheimer’s Disease and their care partners. 

 For pricing and information on In-Home Reiki sessions for Alzheimer’s and Caregivers, click here.

“Deborah’s presence in our home, before and after the [Reiki] sessions, was a calming positive experience. She brought healing to everyone with love, patience and positive energy. We loved seeing her work with my mother, as she seemed to truly enjoy the luxury of a Reiki session, even in the late stage of her life….My mother often became more alert after a session.”                        – Devon White Angelini

For more of Pam White’s story please see “The Genius of Marian”

The Genius of Marian trailer from WeOwnTV on Vimeo.

Help make this a disease we only remember instead of one we dread!

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Reiki for Alzheimer’s and Caregivers

has raised over $4000.00 since 2014

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Reiki is a valuable tool for bringing strength, peacefulness, connection and increased mental, emotional and physical resources to those battling this disease. It promotes well being, aids in cognitive behavior and reduces depression, anxiety and caregiver burnout.  Please join Reiki for Alzheimer’s and Caregivers as its team members work to support and bring comfort to those on the front lines, as well as raise funds to #ENDALZ!

Mother's Portrait

Barbara Durling Miller, who completed her journey with Alzheimer’s January 12th, 2015.

Honor your loved ones who are on their journeys today, remember those who have completed their courses, and create hope for your little ones and your own future.