There are so many excellent sources for explaining the Chakra System

I have included one diagram for you here.

Chakra diagram

Chakra Diagram from Cubehills Corp

The Chakras are energy centers

that run from the crown of the head to the base of the spine along the spinal column. They are the site of nerve ganglia, mini-brains really, that control and regulate our physical bodies, and there are seven major centers and numerous smaller centers where critical information is processed and transmitted. We all know the effects of a damaged nervous system upon the physical body, and respect the power of these small ethereal cells to influence our lives.No wonder that modern science is so obsessed with understanding the workings of the brain and ways to heal the nervous system.The true mystery of the nervous system may well be its interconnection with our mental/emotional and spiritual state of being. There are enough drugs on the modern market targeted to affect our brain cells to create desired emotional and mental states of well being that a quantum leap to accepting the nervous system as a part of our energy system that affects our state of well being is not unfathomable.Can we accept that non drug related therapies that work with our energy fields can bring about an increased state of health and well being? We are beginning to document just that.

Each of the seven major chakras spins with determinable and affectable energy

which is related to our current state of well being.  Our bodies are a reflection of our being, and our being reflects our body.  As we live and work each day, we are affected by our surroundings, relationships and events.These are stored in our memories and emotions and reflected in our energy centers, our chakras. Working with the energy of the chakras and coming into a clearer understanding of how the events of our lives are reflected in our bodies is a powerful path to healing.

For another look at the chakras and energy healing, here is a link to Caroline Myss’s You Tube presentation.

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