Crystals for Health and Well BeingCrystals are a valuable tool in balancing the energy systems of the body. They are used today in high-tech settings, providing us with the ability to store and transmit information – computers and all our modern technological communications are based on silicone chips which process information and transmit energy. How do they do this? Crystals vibrate and resonate at different levels. As such they transmit energy, signals and data. When used in crystal chakra balancing, they bring the energy level and vibration of each of our energy centers, chakras and internal organs, to its optimal level, (energy waves synchronize with their most optimal vibration) promoting harmony within our internal systems, enhancing flow and communication/operation of all systems and creating balance.

Why balance chakras? They are transmitting stations for our energy. Have you ever tried to achieve an overall rate of pour through multiple gates or valves? When one is constricted, or low in energy, it blocks the smooth flow in all the other areas. Likewise a weak relay point will compromise the operation of an entire system. Reiki is energy. Living requires the smooth flow of our energy systems. Balancing the chakras, or major energy transmitting centers of the body, allows energy to flow smoothly to all parts of the body so that the most benefit is received from a Reiki treatment.

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