Observations on Reiki and Crystals

I have been doing some reading and research along various lines lately.

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When I do that, things come together in my understanding, possibilities and pictures of how things may be working together in the world of energy we live in.

Recently I was exploring information on quartz crystals. The reason they are conductive – literally used for conducting electricity – is because they have channels in them. Ions flow through them, and this process is aided by impurities in the crystals. When they “swept” the crystals and introduced specific “impurities” for conductivity, electrical output was increased.

“It is well known that quartz crystals are widely used in many applications. The performance of quartz-made devices depend, beside the technological conditions, on crystal properties, one of the most important being the impurities content.”

“The electrical conductivity of quartz crystals is mainly ionic, the charge carriers being monovalent ions moving freely down the open channels existing in the trigonal a-quartz structure, parallel to the Z-axis. Accordingly, the observed conductivity is highly anisotropic…”

The above references are from a fascinating article by Iliescu Engulesch for the National Institute for Materials Physics and reference research from the early 1900’s through 1994. See a copy of the article here.

Immediately I thought of how I use crystals in some of my Reiki treatments.

And the mechanism of how and why they are effective became much more simple and understandable after reading through this article. Reiki itself is energy, Ki, and works with the major elemental Ki’s of 1) the energy of human existence (Heart Ki), 2) the World around us that that we live in and all the elements and energy it contains that our bodies are made of (Earth Ki) and 3) the greater Universe in which we exist and from which everything originated, and we are fundamentally an expression of (Heaven Ki).

This Rei-Ki then flows to the recipient during a Reiki session in more concentrated form than is usually experienced due to the personal practice and dedication of the practitioner to working with, cultivating the flow of, and clearing their personal energetic space for the flow of, this energy.

Enter the crystals, which aide in channeling the flow of energy at specific frequencies to specific places in the body, which is itself an energetic system full of the specific resonances of its different parts (see biofields: “Biofields… are generated at all levels of living systems, from whole organism to tissues and organs, cells, molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles.” and further research in this NCBI article.)

In using the crystals during a Reiki session you now have the partnering of the concentrated flow of Rei-Ki with the specifically channeled frequencies of the various crystal structures and the natural flow of ions within them enhanced by the energy of the Reiki practice. Fascinating, as Spock would say.

A word on the use of Reiki alone in working with biofield energies within the body.

Reiki supplies the raw materials, so to speak, and our bodies are able to grab that energy and sensitize it to our own specific internal energies for its best use. This is the synchronicity of energy. Just as a roomful of independently moving grandfather clocks left overnight will synchronize until all their pendulums are swinging together, energy tends to change vibration through what we now know is sharing impulses, always seeking the highest vibrational level. That is another whole dissertation and subject for looking up on your own.

One final thought for religious and philosophically oriented readers:

What makes the quartz itself able to channel this energy is its impurities. So interesting that it is those things we label as “impure” – or not of the original nature of a thing – that make it able to be the conductor of energy. Such an interesting thought that it is the state of being not entirely “pure” that causes the flow and transfer of life-giving Ki, love and light.


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