Restoring the Heaven Ki – Seventh Chakra Healing

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Disconnection with our own Higher Self

This morning my thoughts traveled to a loved one suffering from a higher disconnect. I have written about this sense of disconnect – disbelief – distrust – despair – depression before as I explored the loss of connection with our higher selves, our inner knowing, our spiritual growing as it may contribute to the spiritual underpinnings of Alzheimer’s disease, which is characterized by confusion, depression and despair, frustration, isolation, fear, anger and even inner rage. Alzheimer’s is a living disconnection with our own selves that drives us into the realm of spirit to abide and be. The only true remaining space for someone whose brain has shut down is to retreat into spirit and live there, beyond where others can see, touch and reach unless as carers we travel into our own inner spiritual realm where connection is possible.

Disease aside, all of us suffer from bouts of spiritual disconnection and inner despair – even minor ones, that affect our energetic and spiritual balance, causing us to manifest what we do not desire, see things in a negative perspective and generally rob us of the joy of living in each day. There are thousands and thousands of articles, websites and practices being advocated, taught, written about, workshopped and sold, all to help us find our own paths to what it is we are seeking. I am a firm advocate of a personal spiritual practice. One that develops our spiritual muscles so that we can meet each day with a full set of inner resources for living and being the kind of people we truly want to express and be in each moment, each interaction, each situation, each encounter; people who are aware, who bring lightness because they are an inner source of light; those who do no harm, but rather walk in a blessing and leave a blessing in their wake for others to partake.


All sounds great, doesn’t it? Some la-la land of complete unreality and hope for every day, real people. Easy to say, hard – or impossible – to do. Have you tried living out there in the real world?? Honey, wake up!

As my honey and I watched a movie last night, the main character was accused of being a pessimist and replied – I am not a pessimist, I am a realist. And unfortunately, the movie unfolded to prove him right as he exposed what looked like something wonderful to be some sordid little nothing. But what did happen is that the main character was restored to his own creativity through developing a little faith and confidence in himself, and given fodder for his writing through examining a human tragedy. The fine line between a pessimist and a realist? Believing the worst versus seeking the truth. There is a whole world between them, and in between them stands compassion. Someone who seeks reality will find love and compassion to be part of their discovery. A pessimist is wrought with emptiness. Disconnection. Disbelief. And sometimes we are all a little pessimistic….

Finding Balance, a Simple Recipe

Back to healing – which is restoring balance – to ourselves. Fostering that inner spiritual connection that will fill us with compassion and truth, healing the places of disconnection and disbelief and despair. Here is a simple recipe that can be used alongside whatever other spiritual paths you may choose. And if you don’t buy into all that spiritual stuff, just try this for a week and see how you feel.

Start with an affirmation, whether you believe it or not, something like: I am loved and guided every day. Or, I am a blessed child of love, and the universe and the world are gifted to me and/or full of undiscovered gifts for me to enjoy.  This is going to sound preposterous to some – many! I remember starting to try to do this and it felt ridiculous. So, modify this phrase until you get it to something you can manage to say to yourself without feeling a complete sense of inner rejection toward it. A little skeptical is okay, you can work through that, but create a positive affirmation of yourself and the world around you.

Write it down and put it where you can see it in the morning – on your mirror, by the coffee pot – whatever works for you.

Step two: Set an intention for yourself each morning as you brush your teeth. Who do you want to be today? Today I will be kind, patient, forgiving, courageous, confident, articulate, encouraging. Look at yourself in the mirror while you do this – it’s easy if you are brushing your teeth!

What do you want not in your life today (who do you not want to be today?) Today I will release my anxiety and anger. I will release my insecurity, my negative inner thoughts about myself and others, my fears about my job, the world, the environment   –  whatever unrestful responses that are troubling you, and try to be specific – it could be the way you react to a person or situation. This does not mean you do not care about people or things, it means you acknowledge the unhealthy responses you may have and intend to release them.

Step Three: Carry a little journal to write in or set up a file on your phone or take a picture of: three things that make you happy, lift your spirit, make you feel lighter, during the day. Look for them. It is your assignment. I guarantee there will be three things each day.

Finally, review those three things before you go to bed, acknowledging the goodness and lovingness of life that brought them to you. Review who you were today, forgive yourself for wherever you fell short of who you wanted to be, celebrate wherever you achieved your intention of who you wanted to be and realize those three gifts came to you regardless of who you were today. Take a deep breath and go to bed.

In a week you will begin to notice a more connected you, if not, keep going. Try 21 days. You will begin to see and appreciate life’s beauty, find compassion in its ugliness and love yourself more.

Attention and Intention

Why and how does this simple plan work? It works because it allows us to create a framework of healthy attitudes by affirming truths we have trouble believing. It helps us focus and pay attention to those things we want and do not want in our lives and affirm our intention to release the unhealthy and embrace who we want to be; and it focuses our attention on those things that come into our lives that reinforce those uplifting intentions and strengthen that healthy framework.

This is seventh chakra healing. It is effected by balancing our heaven ki, or energy, using our attention and intention, which clears this chakra. Heaven ki is the energy that uplifts and connects us to the greater universe of love and goodness, light and health and to our own true inner being of light and love. When you feed this energy through attention and intention, it grows and balances or clears the heavier energies of daily living, restoring vision, a sense of universal connection and love of self and others.


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